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PEAK Seminars is the most progressive and comprehensive sales and success training organization in the nation. PEAK brings to you the proven strategies that are critical for producing results in business and achieving personal success. Their immense and distinguished backgrounds provide our students and partnerships access to the finest programs in the industry.

Get IMMEDIATE RESULTS by acquiring time management strategies that work. Obliterate negative limiting beliefs, learn the cutting edge selling techniques utilized by our Peak Performance Graduates and dramatically increase your income and quality of life. Begin setting goals and achieving them with amazing accuracy through our “how to” educational seminars.

TAKE CONTROL of and LEARN TO HARNESS the unlimited potential that lies within you!


Tom Hopkins - “Low Profile Selling -- Strategies & Skills for Today's Generation of Selling”

Tom Hopkins is a sales legend.  Many believe that natural ability is enough to make you successful in a selling career.  The truth of the matter is that natural skill, combined with "how to" training is the real secret to high level productivity.  Tom has authored twelve books, including How to Master the Art of Selling and Selling for Dummies™.   His first book, How to Master the Art of Selling, has sold over 1.6 million copies and been translated into ten languages. 

In this session you will learn:  

  • How to create word pictures of ownership from the moment you make contact with new clients

  • Questioning strategies that keep the client mentally involved and moving toward the buying decision

  • How to get past gate keepers and voice the real decision makers

  • Strategies to set the stage for business, making your clients comfortable and getting their attention

  • How to quickly qualify as to their ability to own your product

  • What to say when you hear objections and how to turn them around

  • 6 proven-effective closes that get you to "YES"

  • And more...

There will be audience participation drills to ensure you internalize the material, and it is a phenomenal networking opportunity for you and other professionals in your area



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PEAK Seminars is the most progressive and comprehensive success series in the nation